Estate & Trust Administration

Estate & Trust Administration

All clients have one thing in common – they want to make sure that their wishes are followed once they are memorialized on paper in either a Last Will and Testament (“Will”) or Trust Agreement.   A Will is administered via probate and only after death, but a Trust can be created during and administered during one’s lifetime.  The Trustee of a Trust has a fiduciary duty and it is advisable that an attorney represent a Trustee in carrying out his or her duties under a Trust.

Laura Lavie, Esq. has nearly two decades of legal experience in the area of trust administration representing both Trustees and Beneficiaries.

Common issues arising in Estate and Trust Administration include:

  • Provide Notices to Beneficiaries
  • Prepare Disclaimers
  • Identify estate and generation skipping taxes
  • Prepare Accountings
  • Identify Income Tax earned from Estate or Trust Assets
  • Trust Distributions
  • Trustee Resignation

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